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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What is the Right Structure of a Statement of Purpose Essay

            One of our clients who asked for help in writing his Statement of Purpose Essay once asked this question: Should a Statement of Purpose Essay follow the structure of a 5-paragraph essay?

            We answered that though the paper should have a clear progression from the start to finish, the Statement of Purpose Essay does not need to have a thesis statement which is typical of every college academic essays.

            We consulted other experts/coaches in writing Statement of Purpose Essay and found that they too share the same opinion, particular Alison Bell who is a recognized college essay coach. Please click below for her insight

Law School Personal Statement Essay Tips Steve Schwartz

            With the bad economy, many students hesitate to go to law school. For these students, the money they are making is simply not enough to cover the costs of taking law. 

But there are those who just dream of becoming a lawyer.  For those who do, you do not just need to worry about your grades and scores, you also need to mind your personal statement essay.

For those who are looking for really helpful and easy to understand tips in writing an impressive personal statement essay, read the blog post below from Steve Schwartz, a professional LSAT tutor: 

Getting Inspiration for Your College Application Essay

Running out of gas writing your personal statement essay?

Stuck in a rut with writer’s block?

Well gear up cause here are a few suggestions that could get you inspired and running back to that path to a winning essay!

1. You will always have something to say about that thing you are passionate about.Why not write about that hobby that you’ve just started at? Or maybe that sport you’ve been doing ever since you were a kid? It doesn’t have to anything out of the ordinary. It can be about the simplest things like your jogging every morning or the most heartfelt moment you’ve had like that time you did some volunteer work. Chances are, if you write about something you like, you will never lose things to say about it. The thoughts will just come running in and the reflection will be easy!

2.You know a whole lot about your idols. Evaluate your role model’s life.Of course there is a reason why you look up to that person. It could be his or her personal traits and values or status and career. What is that thing that has made you admire and respect him or her? It could be a friend, a family member, a teacher or even someone you have never really met. Tell their story and reflect on its correlation to yours.

3. If you don’t know what to say about yourself, you can sure count on your family and friends to give you an opinion. Run to people who can help you figure out the best things about yourself. Ask them how they perceive you, their first impressions and how they would describe you as a person. You could even run to your past professors to give you feedback on your performance as a student. Knowing what people think about you can help you find out that special thing about you that you could write about.

4. Reminisce on a challenging experience. Since its close to heart, it will get you writing a lot about how you might have felt and thought at that time and even after. It could be a challenge you faced because of your ethnicity, gender, status or age. Share the hardships you went through, how you overcame the challenge and the insight you gained from the experience.

These are only some of the way you could get inspiration for your personal statement essay writing. Try exploring topics till you find the right one!

If you need help writing your personal statement essay, visit the most reliable statement of purpose essay writers.


Evaluating Your Personal Statement Essay

Evaluating Your Personal Statement Essay

Wondering if your essay is good enough? Not quite sure if what you’ve written suffices? Well, worry no more! Here’s an easy way to find out if your essay is effective enough to be sent in to complete your application process.

Below are questions you must act yourself about your written essay. The questions may serve as a way to determine your essay’s effectivity. Inspect each question one by one and make way for a more comprehensive essay. The questions are as follows: 
  • Upon reading the entire essay, do the first sentences of the paragraphs express all of the points and details you have aimed to impart? 
  • Does the conclusion encapsulate all that you have said in the previous paragraphs?
  • Is the conclusion parallel with the introduction? Would you say that the conclusion answers or is closely related to that of the introduction?
  • Were you able to exhibit that special something about you that sets you apart from everyone else? 
  • Were your admirable qualities and skills threshed out in the essay?
  • Does your writing style make you sound arrogant? Do you think you should change the tone of your writing? 
  • Were the sentences written in correct format, grammar and structure?
  • Does this essay look ordinary? Could a common applicant have passed this?
  • Were you successful in showing you strong desire to be admitted? Did you sound too desperate?
  • Were your strongest beliefs, traditions and cultural philosophies explained in your essay? Were you able to explain it in a way that makes them understand why you are who you are?
  • What is it about the essay that makes it memorable and captivating?
  • Do you think you can make it better?
These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself after writing your personal statement essay. Making sure that these questions are answered correctly will ensure a better and more effective admissions essay. Although it may be taxing and strenuous, you must remember that the fruit you get form the labor of creating an excellent essay is a ticket to a secure future and even better career in the path you have chosen.
If you need help writing your Statement of Purpose Essays, visit the most reliable statement of purpose essay writers


F.A.Q. for Your Personal Statement Essay

Applying to that school of your dreams can be an exciting moment in your life. But likewise, it can also be one of the most stressful challenges you have to face. That personal statement essay is your possible ticket in and you wouldn’t want to mess that up. I’m sure there are questions clouding your mind regarding your essay that has left you clueless to know if you are doing the right thing. Well, worry no more because below is a list of frequently asked questions accompanied by answers to clear your mind. 

1. It just wont fit. Can I ignore the specified length limit?
Here’s the deal, although it’s difficult to cut your essay down to size, you really must. Why? It’s simply because a long essay is prone to be skimmed through. If you think that keeping your essay long and filled with information will make the admission officers decide in your favor, you are wrong. Long essays tell them that you are someone who cannot follow the rules and has no ability to focus. So spare yourself and the readers the trouble. Limit your essay.
       2.  If they don’t specify the length limit, how long should my essay be?
If the length was not specified, it is advised that you write about 1,00 to 1,500 words than run for about four to six double spaced pages maximum. Its enough space to say what you want to say.

·      3. Should the essays be typed all the time?
Yes. The only time it shall be hand written is when it was requested. If you think about it, the essay being typed is a good thing! You don’t need to worry anymore about penmanship and readability, therefore giving you more time to work on your content.
·      4. Will it help if I send the essay earlier than the deadline?
                       At times, it could be a factor for your admission. Sending in your essay earlier than most  would could help you catch your reader at a time where he or she is not yet tainted and tired of reading the essays of others. Since the admission officer may read it at an earlier time, they are less pressured and in a more positive state of mind. 

 If you need help writing your statement of purpose essay, visit the most reliable statement of purpose essay writers


Statement of Purpose Essay Writing Made Easy

Troubled in writing your statement of purpose essay? Well, worry no more! Here’s a list of content categories you must consider when writing the outline for your final essay. Keeping these pointers in tact will be beneficial not only to your essay but to your probably admittance as well. 

  1. Personal Matters and Special Skills.  The purpose of the essay is to be a medium in which the admission officers can learn more about you, the applicant. This means that you have to be able to tell them what you think they want to know about you. It’s advised to stick to hobbies, nonacademic interests and related scholarly activities. Let them know about your passion for dancing, art, or music. Aside from that, tell them about your special skills such as your ability to speak a foreign language, your proficiency in a certain tongue or your technical skills when it comes to the computer. 
  2.  Academic background and Achievements. Give an overview of your academic history so that the admission officers can get an idea of how you are as a student. Give them a play by play of how you are in a day-to-day basis and make it a point to flaunt your moments of success. Speak of the workshops, activities and conventions you might have attended or helped plan. 
  3. Experience. Applying to a specific department and course of your choice may raise eyebrows if you seem to have no experience in the field. Explain the experiences you have that can be related to your path so that you may justify your application. It can be indirect experiences that led you to realize that this course and department is really made for you. 
  4. Motivation and what you see in the institution. Answer the question “out of all the other schools, why do you want to study here?” Go through a discourse explaining why the school you are applying to is the best school for you. 
  5. Career plans. The admission officers are very much interested in your professional ambitions.  By sharing your short and long-term career goals you get to prove to the board that you are one individual they can invest in. Discuss what you see yourself doing in ten years time and display that solid career path you have chosen. 
If you need help writing your statement of purpose essay, visit the most reliable statement of purpose essay writers 

Step By Step Statement of Purpose Essay Writing

You’re ready to graduate and get in that school of your dreams. Yet there is something setting you apart from successfully applying. It’s that statement of purpose essay that you haven’t started writing. To get you on track, below is a step-by-step process you should follow.

Stage I:  Research

1.      Search the Internet for school, department and program websites that can tell you more about what motivates you to apply.
2.      Collect brochures and booklets t gather even more information about the program you want to get into.
3.      Be studious and read on the projects and researches that the school, department and program is interested in so you know what angle to take when writing your essay.

Stage II: Brainstorm

1.      Reflect on your personal development.
·        How did I grow up to be who I am now?
·        What and when were the important moments in my life that have molded to look at myself and the world this way?
·        Is there anyone who has influenced me through the years?
2.       Think about your choice.
·        Why did I pick this school?
·        Why did I pick this program?
3.      Ponder on your career goals after school.
·        What can this school offer me for my career?
·        Where do I see myself in 10 years?
·        What do I want to accomplish?

Stage III: Create Your Essay Backbone

1.      Determine what central theme you were able to see was apparent in your brainstorming.
2.      Use bullet points and write down comments/statements so that you can organize your reflections.
3.      Draft your outline.
4.      Include these main topics in your essay flow plan:
·        What appeals you to the school, department and program?
·        What career do you want to have?
·        What can the school provide you to help you achieve your career plans?

Stage IV:  Write Your Statement of Purpose Essay
 1.    Type up a strong introduction.
·        Use a quotation
·        Use a famous line
·        Use song lyrics
·        Use a question
·        State a situation
2.    Fill up your paragraphs with only one idea per paragraph
3.    Create a memorable conclusion
·        Pose a question
·        Leave a strong statement

If you need help writing your statement of purpose essay, visit the most reliable statement of purpose essay writers.


College Application Essay Checklist

College Application Essay Checklist

The College Application Essay is a standard requirement for admission. You should know how to use it wisely. It’s a tool that could get you in. It is the medium in which the faculty, and admissions committee will be able to see for themselves your knowledge and experience. It will display your motivation, intellectual maturity and readiness to be accepted.

The College Application Essay is such a crucial part of college admissions that it can be the sole determinant whether or not the school will accept you. It is such a crucial component that you must keep these points in mind before, during and after writing.

  •  Always use positive language when you are talking about yourself.
  •  Do not make up things just so that they will perceive you in a better light 
  • Always provide examples to be able to bring about credibility
  • Make sure not to use shortcuts like “can’t” or “don’t”
  • Skip a line after each paragraph and indent the first lines of each paragraph
  • Refrain from using the same transition phrases 
  • Be consistent and parallel with your tenses
  • Ensure that you use the correct grammar
  • Do not use unfamiliar vocabulary to impress, it will only cause confusion
  • Do not write in circles, wrap up your ideas per paragraph
  • Make sure that your introduction and conclusion compliment each other
  • Stay within the page limit and word count
  • Do not write your essay by hand unless given the freedom to
  • Allow another person to read your essay after you write it to be able identify mistakes
  • Compare your outline with your final essay and affirm that there is a fluid flow of information
  • Send your essay in earlier than the final day of application
Follow these pointers and you’ll be able to certify that your essay is well written and well thought of. You need to review your College Application Essay before, during and after to make sure that it is able to exude all that there is to say about you. It must be direct, concise and encompassing of all your experiences, choices and career goals for the future. 

If you need help writing your college application essay, visit the most reliable college application essay writers

Friday, August 10, 2012

Suggested Topics for Effective Statement of Purpose Essay

When you are given the option to write an essay with a topic your choice, you must think hard about which approach to take. There are various paths you could opt to choose but there is only one topic that can most probably elicit your personal development and interest best. Below are some of the directions you could take with your statement of purpose essay:

1. You may want to describe a person, event, book, or work of art that has had a strong influence on you. For example when writing about a book, you make include a simple synopsis followed by paragraphs of relating your life to the events in the plot.

2. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It might be good for you to write about a photograph or picture that represents something important to you. You may attach it and thoroughly explain its significance to your life. You may become imaginative. There have been cases before wherein poems were written to supplement the visual attachment. But do take note that that kind of approach while it may look remarkable and full of effort may also be dangerous.

3. Tell about an idea or an experience you have had that you find intellectually engaging. It could be a certain object, ideology or philosophy that you feel very strongly about. By writing about this, you may be able to let the admissions officers get to know the intellectual and deep sensed person that is you.

4. Craft a note to your future roommate that reveals much about you.  By doing so, you get to introduce yourself to the admissions officers. This is a more simple and direct way of presenting yourself to the board.

5. Describe a character in fiction or a historical figure that has an influence on you. You can write about the storybook characters from your childhood or the national heroes of your generation. Both can offer a very personal voice to your essay.

These are only some of the topics you may write about. In the end, only you get to decide which course of discussion to take. Ask yourself, through which topic can you fully explain your personal beliefs, traits, dreams and goals? 

These are just basic tips in statement of purpose essays.  For more information, visit the most affordable statement of purpose essay writers

Requirements for an Excellent Statement of Purpose Essay

It may come of as a struggle to you to proceed creating an excellent essay that encapsulates who you are and why you are a great candidate for admission. While your thoughts and ideas can be a bit overwhelming, it’s best to keep focus and follow advice to help you achieve your goal:

1. It must be kept in mind that breaking the rules is not something you want to do, especially since you are still undergoing application. Follow the Institution’s instructions on how they want their admission essay to be created. That means staying true to the specified:
a.       Topic at hand/if there is one given
b.      Number of words
c.       Number of pages
d.      And format (which includes spacing, margins, font size, and the like).

2. It’s a good idea to research on past examples of essays written to get a better idea of how it’s supposed to look and sound like. Make sure to only examine those essays which were submitted my successful applicants. Of course, this does not mean that you should copy or imitate their work. Simply learn from their approach and apply it to when you are writing your own essay.

3. Drafting your first outline for the statement of purpose essay is most crucial step. Take the time to ponder on your content and ensure that it is well thought of. At this point it is important to keep your text directly or indirectly answering the institution’s questions.

4. Call on a mentor or teacher to inspect your work. It is helpful to have someone you trust read your work so that you can get reliable feedback regarding its content and form. It is more than ideal to ask help from those individuals who sincerely know you and are professors themselves. That way you get to know what the admission officers may be expecting from your statement of purpose essay.

5. Once you have collected adequate and constructive feedback, go back to rewriting your essay. This is where you must be more meticulous when it comes to grammar, syntax, spelling and format. Prepare your paper in such a way that you get to establish a certain voice that may resonate strongly to the admission officers.

Remember the 3 R’s. Read, rewrite and refine. Do all three and you’ll be a notch closer to creating an excellent statement of purpose essay.

These are just basic tips in statement of purpose essays.  For more information, visit the most affordable statement of purpose essay writers

Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 5 Things to Avoid In Writing Personal Statement Essays

   While we have emphasized the importance of writing good substance in your college application essay, students should not take for granted the form of their college essay. By this we mean, the manner by which students convey and express their thoughts.  How the students write their essays is as important as the basic content of their essay.           

            Before you write your college application, there are several things you need to avoid: 

  1. Repetitious Usage
 Sometimes the students find certain words interesting to use in their essay for which they may be tempted to repeatedly use in their college application essay. Students should realize that though there are some words which are nice to hear they could sound irritating when repeatedly used.  Doing so reveals lack of imagination, poor writing and editing skills on the part of the students.  It is therefore suggested that the student should properly proofread the essay to make sure that repetitious words are avoided.

  1. Starting with “I”
 If there is one thing that is potentially annoying is when the essay starts with “I” almost every time.  Some college application coaches like Michael James Mason calls it the Subject-Verb-Object trap.  Starting every sentence with a subject and then followed by a verb and object makes your statement of purpose essay look monotonous.  It is suggested that students should mix it up a bit by interjecting a propositional phrase once in a while, or starting with a gerund, and even complex sentences.   

  1. Using Parentheses
Some students are fond of using parentheses in their college essays.  Use of parenthesis has no place in a college application essay which aims to show that you are ready for college.  This only makes your college essay look very informal.   

  1. Not knowing when to use Periods and Comma
 Not knowing when to use the right punctuation for your essay can be irritating.  If you think that the sentence is too long try to divide it with a period.  If you need a brief pause, then put a comma. 

  1. Exclamation Points
 Exclamation points (!) may appear cute when used in your college application essay.  But using too many exclamation points in your essay may potentially create a negative impression on the part of the admissions officer.  Your essay will look like its written by a person who is not ready for college. 

These are just basic tips in writing college essay.  Avoid these rookie mistakes and your college application essay can impress the admissions officer. For more information, visit the most affordable college application essay writers

The Six (6) Essay Prompts for College Application Essays

          One of the secrets to writing the best college application essay is knowing the questions in advance and having enough time to reflect on those questions.  Everybody knows that if they have enough time to ponder and think about those essay prompts for their college application essays they will be able to come up with killer college application essays

          The six (6) common essay prompts to choose from for your College Application Essays
1. Evaluate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.
2. Discuss some issue of personal, local, national, or international concern and its importance to you.

3. Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.
4. Describe a character in fiction, a historical figure, or a creative work (as in art, music, science, etc.) that has had an influence on you, and explain that influence.
5. A range of academic interests, personal perspectives, and life experiences adds much to the educational mix. Given your personal background, describe an experience that illustrates what you would bring to the diversity in a college community or an encounter that demonstrated the importance of diversity to you.
6. Topic of your choice.

Effective Personal Statement Essay Writing

The hardest part about writing a personal statement essay is determining how you are going to portray yourself. It is best to find out the ideal approach to take in introducing yourself to your readers, the admission committee officers.  

What other way is there to know what path to take, but to first identify your target market.  Always remember that when writing a personal statement essay, you must cater your writing to the liking of your reader. The admission officers are reading your essay simply not to get to know you but to find out if you are worthy and fit to be part of their college.  Know the school and its history, the departments it has, the courses it offers, the professors who work there and the values the institution upholds.  If you were the reader, what would you like to find out?  Stand in their shoes and ask yourself , “do we want this student on this course and department?” and “do we want this student at this university?” With all that in mind, you can now infer the details you must consider including in your essay.

Now that you have established your reader’s point of view, you can now proceed to the specifics: write about yourself as a student. Explain your behavior, personality and values as an individual and incorporate it into your student life and chosen course.  Make sure that you depict yourself as someone who is hardworking and unlikely to drop out so that the admission committee will see how you are able to cope with the demands and stress included in the course you desire. Also, write about how much you can and will try to adapt to the new environment and system. Be honest with your thoughts and feelings and let them relate to you.

Don’t forget to cite specific events which made an impact to your life. Whenever you are explaining a point or idea, refer to your past experiences to make it sound believable. Do not be afraid to reveal failures/shortcomings.  The more important thing is how you tell the admissions officer that you learned from this failure or mistake.  This is your only way to connect with your reader so write it in such a way that is clear and concise enough for him or her to understand and comprehend.

 These are the things you must keep in mind when writing your personal statement essay. Question yourself about what you have written and make sure you are able to answer the queries these admission officers might have about you and your essay. Keep all this in mind and you’ll be on your way to an effective personal statement essay.

 If you need help writing your personal statement essays or statement of purpose essays, visit the reliable statement of purpose essay writers

Statement of Purpose Essay: Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Stuck in a rut? Don’t know what to write on your college application essay? Well, as part of your application, it is very important to take the time and effort in writing your statement of purpose essay. Because it is this essay that will be read and evaluated by the selection committee, and it is this essay that will make the committee see you as more than the grade you got on your SATs, you must approach your statement of purpose essay writing with much care and dedication.

            Here are the top 5 things to keep in mind before you start writing your statement of purpose essay:

1.   Craft your initial draft so that you may use it as the backbone of your actual essay. Writing this will aid you in making your essay much more organized and concise.

2.    Make sure that before you begin this process, you must first familiarize yourself again with the information written in your transcript, the scores you got on your I.Q. and personality tests, the course brochures you collected from your desired college and of course the research you have done on the school and its values.  Having all of this in mind shall keep you focused on the things you must include in your essay.

3.   Categorize your essay into sections. Divide your paper into headings to serve as a guide to every paragraph for your actual essay writing process. They can be as follows:

a.       Awards and Achievements
b.      School and community involvement while giving emphasis on the things you have contributed to a certain organization, department or advocacy
c.       Special set of skills and examples of how you applied them
d.      Life and educational experiences that have affected your way of thinking and perspective on how you say things
e.       Future academic and career goals and how that school can help you
f.        Ideal contribution to society in terms of after school and work
 4.   Write away and fill in your paragraphs with sentences. But remember not to go overboard by including each and every detail about your life. Make sure you only incorporate the important information you want them to know. It is a matter of determining the central theme and message of your essay.
 5.      Lastly, when you are all done writing, read it over and over again so that you can eliminate mistakes and misspelled words. You may even hand it over to a friend or family member for final screening before officially finishing your essay.

Just remember to keep these 5 things in mind you will be able to write your statement of purpose essay in time!

If you need help writing your personal statement essays or statement of purpose essays, visit the reliable statement of purpose essay writers

What to Say and Not to Say on Your Personal Statement Essay

Admit it. You want to be admitted. Along with you are not hundreds, but thousands of other applicants who aspire the same dream you dream. It’s quite a competition and you have to figure out how you can stay above the pack and be noticed for your true worth. That’s where admission essays come in. That personal statement essay can be your winning ticket into your college dream. It’s your opportunity to speak out and be heard. But what do these admission officers really want you to say and not to say?  

            You have to step back and think, what do they really want to hear? Do they want to get to know you from your countless childhood stories or your pompous list of achievements? Do they want to meet you through your manner of sentence constructions or your overly verbose writing? What is it that these admission officers really want to hear? Honestly, what they want is something well thought of, concise and clear.  

These officers are given an extremely rigorous task. Thousands and thousands of bundles of essays come their way year after year for application. Indeed, a great deal of responsibility for your admittance fall into the hands of these admission officers. With all that in mind, it becomes not your job, but also your responsibility to make their efforts of reading each and every entry worth their while.  

What they really expect from your personal statement essay is that it is one that they can read from start to finish and from page to page. But how do you exactly make your personal statement essay worthy of their time? 

The first and most important rule is to not to say everything that there is to say about you. These admission officers are not at all interested in a personal statement essay that is egotistical and only talks about you. You don’t want them to throw your essay away. What you want is that they grip on its pages with every word that they read, as they understand the person that is you. No, they do not find importance in the narrative of your entire life story. They do not want to know all that there is about you. Instead, tell them the most significant details, experiences and choices that made you who you are. Always remember that time is precious and the more concise you write the quicker you get their attention. So be straight to the point because you can lose your reader in a matter of seconds.  

The second rule is to say what you want to say using the right words. This doesn’t mean ornamenting your entire personal statement essay with big and flowery words directly derived from your computer’s trusty dictionary. No, it surely does not. It simply tries to stress the importance of language. The choice of words can completely alter what you mean thus changing what they are supposed to understand. Maximize language and incorporate all of its facets in your essay to make your message clear. May it be figures of speech or idioms, integrate it into your writing and explore the emphasis and value it can all add to what you mean to say in your essay.  Instead of using colloquial terms, exhibit your intellectuality through more complex and elaborative language. Creatively play with your words, your sentences and carefully craft your introduction, body and ending.  

Which points us to the last and culminating rule: proofread all that you have said. Construct and deconstruct your essay so it comes out to be one that is well thought of. The key to an effective personal statement essay is to create one that makes you believe that you yourself deserve to be admitted. Read your essay over and over again. Rehash your essay to make sure that your message is not only concise in writing but also clear in language. Revise when needed and be open to the idea that your essay can always get better. Call for a second opinion and ask if they themselves think it is already good enough. Go through the process of trial and error and sooner or later you will find your personal statement essay turning out to be effective as ever.  

In the end it’s all about knowing what to say and not to say and now that you know its time to write away! 

If you need help writing your personal statement essays or statement of purpose essays, visit the reliable statement of purpose essay writers

Top Three Things Students Should Avoid in their Statement of Purpose Essay

            As most know, part of the process of college application, aside from the SAT score is the statement of purpose essay. In fact, this said essay is so important that it can possibly be the saving grace of one’s not so attractive SAT score and scholastic record.  

The statement of purpose essay is vital in the selection process and is your only chance to introduce yourself and prove your worth for admittance. Knowing that, a heavy load falls unto your shoulders as you prepare to undertake the challenge of writing your own statement of purpose essay. You see, all that stands in between you and your dream into that college is a committee of admission officers that will cast their eyes and scrutinize your essay page per page. Your future lies in their hands and in this situation all you can do is prepare, prepare, prepare.  

What is it that can set your statement of purpose essay apart from the others?  

1. Some students make the mistake of writing their essays exactly like others. They try to write an average paper thinking that it is enough to get admitted.   

2. Avoid starting with a quotation unless it is really witty and humorous and you will make the effort to explain its significance into your life.   

3. Avoid flooding your statement of purpose essay with several quotations.  It has been done so often that using it as an introductory line can set your entire essay to become one that is not only generic but boring as well. You want the admission committee to read your work and not neglect it and label it as average.  

So think out of the box and ponder on a better way to start your essay. No, it doesn’t mean you should revert to beginning it with a rhetoric question. Likewise, it has been overused time and again. Instead, start with a statement that encapsulates your entire essay. Craft an introduction that is not only compelling to read but also engaging enough to keep the reader wanting more.  

Write about yourself and depict to the committee a better image of you. Share your values, morals and your personality. Think of the most interesting thing about yourself. Share your experience and insight so that you may be able to thresh out the unique individual inside of you. Be original and do not borrow another’s anecdotes. Personalize the essay and make it your own. Be yourself so that your writing will directly reflect you that way the committee will see you not as average but exceptional. 

If you need help writing your personal statement essays or statement of purpose essays, visit the reliable statement of purpose essay writers

Personal Statement Essay: Your Way to College

With the main goal to persuade the admissions committee that you qualify to be a candidate for admittance, the personal statement essay proves to be one of the hardest essays to write. Not only are you challenged to create one that is engaging enough for the reader to finish reading it completely, but you are confronted with the difficult task of making it memorable as well.  

            Below are some steps on how to make your own personal statement essay your way in: 

1.      Before you begin, it is more than important to think about what you want to say. Allow yourself to explore the different aspects you can write about. Decide which discussion you want to impart. Do you want to write about an experience you want to share to your reader? Or would you rather write about an ideology or perspective that you wish would inspire and engage your reader? 

2.       Keep your pen and paper close. Once you are focused on a topic of discussion, it is best to jot down all your ideas and narrow it down into an organized outline, which you can use to direct the flow of your essay. 

3.      Create a great introduction. Take your time in determining how to start your essay. The entire feel and mood of your personal statement essay depends much on it.  Use a line that will grab the attention of your reader. Make your reader think and be curious about you. It can be a statement, an ideology, a mantra, a quotation, a question or even an idiom.  

4.      Continue on with your writing but always be consistent with what you say.  Make sure that mixed ideas aren’t put in the plate to make your reader confused and lost in your essay. 

5.      Engage your reader through your creative and descriptive writing. Use imagery and figures of speech to better explain your ideas. But this does not mean that you overflow your essay with flowery phrases and complicated words that can make your reader feel disconnected. 

6.      Don’t write in circles. As much as possible, pose your points after points and never repeat them unless it is for emphasis. Don’t make your reader feel stupid. Say it once and move on.  

7.      Write up to a dramatic ending. Make sure that your essay ends in culmination of your introduction. End it with a strong and insightful line that will make your reader remember you and all that you said. 

8.      Share your essay to your friend or family. Ask for others’ opinion.  This way you can learn if your message was understood and if there are other areas for improvement.  

9.      Keep all opinions that are wise and revise.  Rewrite parts of your personal statement essay according to the feedback you have gathered. This way, your essay becomes ready for submission. 

10.  Open your eyes and read your essay one last time. Catch mistakes you didn’t see and repeat step 9 until you have reached perfection. 

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