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Monday, August 6, 2012

Guide to Getting Admitted with an Effective Personal Statement Essay

As part of the application process, most universities or colleges require candidates to submit a personal statement essay as part of the final determinants.  Taking it as an icing on a cake, many would just take the essay casually.  A passing SAT score and good scholastic records may qualify you for college but a well-written personal statement essay will guarantee you of admission.  To help you get started, here are some helpful tips to making your personal statement essay: 

Think and write down all the things that you would include in the essay.  Create a list so you will not forget.  This will serve as a guide to better organize your thought as well.  Cite in bullet-point all the personal details and experiences and expound on them as you start writing your essay.  Take note of important events, places and people.  

Make your research.  If possible try to gather information about the institution that you are applying at.  This way, you will know where and how to direct your own values as tantamount to the school’s norms.  You can also point out the advantages of getting admitted to the institution as compared to the others. 

Get straight to the point.  Although the essay may require you substantial amount of facts, it is an important consideration to just answer what is being asked.  Present yourself in a complete but brief manner.  This means that you should avoid using unnecessary words.   You would not like to bore the admission officer, do you?  A one or two-page essay is highly recommended, else, follow instructions as provided to you.  Do not fail to follow guidelines.

Make revisions.  Never forget to read through your essay, not once, but twice or more.  This is to double check on spelling or grammatical errors. Rephrasing, omitting or enhancing some parts of the essay and working it towards your very own subject is also vital.  Remember that the essay speaks highly of you.  It will leave the officer a lasting impression of who you are.  Presenting them in a correct, neat and organize manner will be given plus points.

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