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Thursday, August 16, 2012

College Application Essay Checklist

College Application Essay Checklist

The College Application Essay is a standard requirement for admission. You should know how to use it wisely. It’s a tool that could get you in. It is the medium in which the faculty, and admissions committee will be able to see for themselves your knowledge and experience. It will display your motivation, intellectual maturity and readiness to be accepted.

The College Application Essay is such a crucial part of college admissions that it can be the sole determinant whether or not the school will accept you. It is such a crucial component that you must keep these points in mind before, during and after writing.

  •  Always use positive language when you are talking about yourself.
  •  Do not make up things just so that they will perceive you in a better light 
  • Always provide examples to be able to bring about credibility
  • Make sure not to use shortcuts like “can’t” or “don’t”
  • Skip a line after each paragraph and indent the first lines of each paragraph
  • Refrain from using the same transition phrases 
  • Be consistent and parallel with your tenses
  • Ensure that you use the correct grammar
  • Do not use unfamiliar vocabulary to impress, it will only cause confusion
  • Do not write in circles, wrap up your ideas per paragraph
  • Make sure that your introduction and conclusion compliment each other
  • Stay within the page limit and word count
  • Do not write your essay by hand unless given the freedom to
  • Allow another person to read your essay after you write it to be able identify mistakes
  • Compare your outline with your final essay and affirm that there is a fluid flow of information
  • Send your essay in earlier than the final day of application
Follow these pointers and you’ll be able to certify that your essay is well written and well thought of. You need to review your College Application Essay before, during and after to make sure that it is able to exude all that there is to say about you. It must be direct, concise and encompassing of all your experiences, choices and career goals for the future. 

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