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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evaluating Your Personal Statement Essay

Evaluating Your Personal Statement Essay

Wondering if your essay is good enough? Not quite sure if what you’ve written suffices? Well, worry no more! Here’s an easy way to find out if your essay is effective enough to be sent in to complete your application process.

Below are questions you must act yourself about your written essay. The questions may serve as a way to determine your essay’s effectivity. Inspect each question one by one and make way for a more comprehensive essay. The questions are as follows: 
  • Upon reading the entire essay, do the first sentences of the paragraphs express all of the points and details you have aimed to impart? 
  • Does the conclusion encapsulate all that you have said in the previous paragraphs?
  • Is the conclusion parallel with the introduction? Would you say that the conclusion answers or is closely related to that of the introduction?
  • Were you able to exhibit that special something about you that sets you apart from everyone else? 
  • Were your admirable qualities and skills threshed out in the essay?
  • Does your writing style make you sound arrogant? Do you think you should change the tone of your writing? 
  • Were the sentences written in correct format, grammar and structure?
  • Does this essay look ordinary? Could a common applicant have passed this?
  • Were you successful in showing you strong desire to be admitted? Did you sound too desperate?
  • Were your strongest beliefs, traditions and cultural philosophies explained in your essay? Were you able to explain it in a way that makes them understand why you are who you are?
  • What is it about the essay that makes it memorable and captivating?
  • Do you think you can make it better?
These are just some of the questions you must ask yourself after writing your personal statement essay. Making sure that these questions are answered correctly will ensure a better and more effective admissions essay. Although it may be taxing and strenuous, you must remember that the fruit you get form the labor of creating an excellent essay is a ticket to a secure future and even better career in the path you have chosen.
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