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Friday, August 10, 2012

Suggested Topics for Effective Statement of Purpose Essay

When you are given the option to write an essay with a topic your choice, you must think hard about which approach to take. There are various paths you could opt to choose but there is only one topic that can most probably elicit your personal development and interest best. Below are some of the directions you could take with your statement of purpose essay:

1. You may want to describe a person, event, book, or work of art that has had a strong influence on you. For example when writing about a book, you make include a simple synopsis followed by paragraphs of relating your life to the events in the plot.

2. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” It might be good for you to write about a photograph or picture that represents something important to you. You may attach it and thoroughly explain its significance to your life. You may become imaginative. There have been cases before wherein poems were written to supplement the visual attachment. But do take note that that kind of approach while it may look remarkable and full of effort may also be dangerous.

3. Tell about an idea or an experience you have had that you find intellectually engaging. It could be a certain object, ideology or philosophy that you feel very strongly about. By writing about this, you may be able to let the admissions officers get to know the intellectual and deep sensed person that is you.

4. Craft a note to your future roommate that reveals much about you.  By doing so, you get to introduce yourself to the admissions officers. This is a more simple and direct way of presenting yourself to the board.

5. Describe a character in fiction or a historical figure that has an influence on you. You can write about the storybook characters from your childhood or the national heroes of your generation. Both can offer a very personal voice to your essay.

These are only some of the topics you may write about. In the end, only you get to decide which course of discussion to take. Ask yourself, through which topic can you fully explain your personal beliefs, traits, dreams and goals? 

These are just basic tips in statement of purpose essays.  For more information, visit the most affordable statement of purpose essay writers

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