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Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Create an Impressive Statement of Purpose Essay

A Statement of Purpose Essay is a written explanation stating your reason, goal or objective for a bachelor, masters or doctorate degree entry.  It is an essay about yourself.Take time to accomplish it with much diligence to better impress the reader.   

Though being modest is a factor to consider, it is also good to brag at times so long as it is true.  Do not forget to support it with evidences. Keep in mind that you are trying to sell yourself to the admission officer.  Anything and everything they read on the essay is a reflection of you.  They can use that to either refuse or grant you admission.  So practice honesty during the course of your writing.   

How can you catch the reader’s attention?  You can do this by coming up with a striking first paragraph.  Build a connection between you and the admitting officer by providing the focal point of your essay.  Once you have grabbed his/her attention it will be easier to keep him/her focused to reading.  Provide them with abiding interest as he/she reads along.

Keep in mind to always provide a positive attitude.  The reader can feel that.  Make use of pleasant words.  If  it cannot be avoided, divert the negative words or experiences into positive one.  For example, “I do not like the way he looked at me;” you can rewrite it as “He looked at me differently.”  It is a must to broaden your vocabulary, else, you can always refer to a dictionary or a thesaurus. It will always be about proper or correct word choice. 

Officers do not like to see clich├ęs in your essay.  Try to be unique as much as you can.  Reveal yourself in a more personal note.  Think of experiences that will make the committee remember you.  Expand on that particular experience by telling how it helped you become the person that you are now in a precise manner.  After all, it is better to consider quality over quantity. 

Let your SOP speak highly of you.  Keep it neat and concise in nature.  It should look professional as possible, yet natural. 

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