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Friday, August 10, 2012

Requirements for an Excellent Statement of Purpose Essay

It may come of as a struggle to you to proceed creating an excellent essay that encapsulates who you are and why you are a great candidate for admission. While your thoughts and ideas can be a bit overwhelming, it’s best to keep focus and follow advice to help you achieve your goal:

1. It must be kept in mind that breaking the rules is not something you want to do, especially since you are still undergoing application. Follow the Institution’s instructions on how they want their admission essay to be created. That means staying true to the specified:
a.       Topic at hand/if there is one given
b.      Number of words
c.       Number of pages
d.      And format (which includes spacing, margins, font size, and the like).

2. It’s a good idea to research on past examples of essays written to get a better idea of how it’s supposed to look and sound like. Make sure to only examine those essays which were submitted my successful applicants. Of course, this does not mean that you should copy or imitate their work. Simply learn from their approach and apply it to when you are writing your own essay.

3. Drafting your first outline for the statement of purpose essay is most crucial step. Take the time to ponder on your content and ensure that it is well thought of. At this point it is important to keep your text directly or indirectly answering the institution’s questions.

4. Call on a mentor or teacher to inspect your work. It is helpful to have someone you trust read your work so that you can get reliable feedback regarding its content and form. It is more than ideal to ask help from those individuals who sincerely know you and are professors themselves. That way you get to know what the admission officers may be expecting from your statement of purpose essay.

5. Once you have collected adequate and constructive feedback, go back to rewriting your essay. This is where you must be more meticulous when it comes to grammar, syntax, spelling and format. Prepare your paper in such a way that you get to establish a certain voice that may resonate strongly to the admission officers.

Remember the 3 R’s. Read, rewrite and refine. Do all three and you’ll be a notch closer to creating an excellent statement of purpose essay.

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