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Monday, August 6, 2012

What to Say and Not to Say on Your Personal Statement Essay

Admit it. You want to be admitted. Along with you are not hundreds, but thousands of other applicants who aspire the same dream you dream. It’s quite a competition and you have to figure out how you can stay above the pack and be noticed for your true worth. That’s where admission essays come in. That personal statement essay can be your winning ticket into your college dream. It’s your opportunity to speak out and be heard. But what do these admission officers really want you to say and not to say?  

            You have to step back and think, what do they really want to hear? Do they want to get to know you from your countless childhood stories or your pompous list of achievements? Do they want to meet you through your manner of sentence constructions or your overly verbose writing? What is it that these admission officers really want to hear? Honestly, what they want is something well thought of, concise and clear.  

These officers are given an extremely rigorous task. Thousands and thousands of bundles of essays come their way year after year for application. Indeed, a great deal of responsibility for your admittance fall into the hands of these admission officers. With all that in mind, it becomes not your job, but also your responsibility to make their efforts of reading each and every entry worth their while.  

What they really expect from your personal statement essay is that it is one that they can read from start to finish and from page to page. But how do you exactly make your personal statement essay worthy of their time? 

The first and most important rule is to not to say everything that there is to say about you. These admission officers are not at all interested in a personal statement essay that is egotistical and only talks about you. You don’t want them to throw your essay away. What you want is that they grip on its pages with every word that they read, as they understand the person that is you. No, they do not find importance in the narrative of your entire life story. They do not want to know all that there is about you. Instead, tell them the most significant details, experiences and choices that made you who you are. Always remember that time is precious and the more concise you write the quicker you get their attention. So be straight to the point because you can lose your reader in a matter of seconds.  

The second rule is to say what you want to say using the right words. This doesn’t mean ornamenting your entire personal statement essay with big and flowery words directly derived from your computer’s trusty dictionary. No, it surely does not. It simply tries to stress the importance of language. The choice of words can completely alter what you mean thus changing what they are supposed to understand. Maximize language and incorporate all of its facets in your essay to make your message clear. May it be figures of speech or idioms, integrate it into your writing and explore the emphasis and value it can all add to what you mean to say in your essay.  Instead of using colloquial terms, exhibit your intellectuality through more complex and elaborative language. Creatively play with your words, your sentences and carefully craft your introduction, body and ending.  

Which points us to the last and culminating rule: proofread all that you have said. Construct and deconstruct your essay so it comes out to be one that is well thought of. The key to an effective personal statement essay is to create one that makes you believe that you yourself deserve to be admitted. Read your essay over and over again. Rehash your essay to make sure that your message is not only concise in writing but also clear in language. Revise when needed and be open to the idea that your essay can always get better. Call for a second opinion and ask if they themselves think it is already good enough. Go through the process of trial and error and sooner or later you will find your personal statement essay turning out to be effective as ever.  

In the end it’s all about knowing what to say and not to say and now that you know its time to write away! 

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