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Thursday, August 16, 2012

F.A.Q. for Your Personal Statement Essay

Applying to that school of your dreams can be an exciting moment in your life. But likewise, it can also be one of the most stressful challenges you have to face. That personal statement essay is your possible ticket in and you wouldn’t want to mess that up. I’m sure there are questions clouding your mind regarding your essay that has left you clueless to know if you are doing the right thing. Well, worry no more because below is a list of frequently asked questions accompanied by answers to clear your mind. 

1. It just wont fit. Can I ignore the specified length limit?
Here’s the deal, although it’s difficult to cut your essay down to size, you really must. Why? It’s simply because a long essay is prone to be skimmed through. If you think that keeping your essay long and filled with information will make the admission officers decide in your favor, you are wrong. Long essays tell them that you are someone who cannot follow the rules and has no ability to focus. So spare yourself and the readers the trouble. Limit your essay.
       2.  If they don’t specify the length limit, how long should my essay be?
If the length was not specified, it is advised that you write about 1,00 to 1,500 words than run for about four to six double spaced pages maximum. Its enough space to say what you want to say.

·      3. Should the essays be typed all the time?
Yes. The only time it shall be hand written is when it was requested. If you think about it, the essay being typed is a good thing! You don’t need to worry anymore about penmanship and readability, therefore giving you more time to work on your content.
·      4. Will it help if I send the essay earlier than the deadline?
                       At times, it could be a factor for your admission. Sending in your essay earlier than most  would could help you catch your reader at a time where he or she is not yet tainted and tired of reading the essays of others. Since the admission officer may read it at an earlier time, they are less pressured and in a more positive state of mind. 

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