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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Step By Step Statement of Purpose Essay Writing

You’re ready to graduate and get in that school of your dreams. Yet there is something setting you apart from successfully applying. It’s that statement of purpose essay that you haven’t started writing. To get you on track, below is a step-by-step process you should follow.

Stage I:  Research

1.      Search the Internet for school, department and program websites that can tell you more about what motivates you to apply.
2.      Collect brochures and booklets t gather even more information about the program you want to get into.
3.      Be studious and read on the projects and researches that the school, department and program is interested in so you know what angle to take when writing your essay.

Stage II: Brainstorm

1.      Reflect on your personal development.
·        How did I grow up to be who I am now?
·        What and when were the important moments in my life that have molded to look at myself and the world this way?
·        Is there anyone who has influenced me through the years?
2.       Think about your choice.
·        Why did I pick this school?
·        Why did I pick this program?
3.      Ponder on your career goals after school.
·        What can this school offer me for my career?
·        Where do I see myself in 10 years?
·        What do I want to accomplish?

Stage III: Create Your Essay Backbone

1.      Determine what central theme you were able to see was apparent in your brainstorming.
2.      Use bullet points and write down comments/statements so that you can organize your reflections.
3.      Draft your outline.
4.      Include these main topics in your essay flow plan:
·        What appeals you to the school, department and program?
·        What career do you want to have?
·        What can the school provide you to help you achieve your career plans?

Stage IV:  Write Your Statement of Purpose Essay
 1.    Type up a strong introduction.
·        Use a quotation
·        Use a famous line
·        Use song lyrics
·        Use a question
·        State a situation
2.    Fill up your paragraphs with only one idea per paragraph
3.    Create a memorable conclusion
·        Pose a question
·        Leave a strong statement

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