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Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Practices in Writing Statement of Purpose Essay

It is no argument that Statement of Purpose Essays or Personal Statement Essays are very important requirements in the college application process.

For students, they should understand that these essays provide a valuable source of information about themselves.  It is their last chance to show the college or university that they are special and that they are worthy for that slot.

It gives the admissions officers an idea about what the students think and feel.  It is a way for the admissions officers to get to know the applicant, his personality, his character, his values and his motivations. 

Thus, it is very important for students to be able to write killer personal statement essays or statement of purpose essays.  Below are some of the tips the students can use in writing killer personal statement essays or statement of purpose essays:

Understand the audience. 

All essays are written to be read by a particular audience.  There is an appropriate essay for particular kinds of audience. So, you need to know who will be reading your college application essay before you start preparing your first draft

Know what the college or university values

What does the college or university value? Colleges and universities have certain principles that they consider as very important. To find out what these principles and values are you need to check the college’s prospectus or catalogs to get more information about the school

Get the Evaluation Form

What does the evaluation form say? The evaluation form also provides several clues that could help the student find clues on what the screening committee wants to see in the applicant’s essay.  Some of the examples are: motivation, maturity, integrity, originality, leadership potential, independence and enthusiasm.

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