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Monday, August 6, 2012

Top Three Things Students Should Avoid in their Statement of Purpose Essay

            As most know, part of the process of college application, aside from the SAT score is the statement of purpose essay. In fact, this said essay is so important that it can possibly be the saving grace of one’s not so attractive SAT score and scholastic record.  

The statement of purpose essay is vital in the selection process and is your only chance to introduce yourself and prove your worth for admittance. Knowing that, a heavy load falls unto your shoulders as you prepare to undertake the challenge of writing your own statement of purpose essay. You see, all that stands in between you and your dream into that college is a committee of admission officers that will cast their eyes and scrutinize your essay page per page. Your future lies in their hands and in this situation all you can do is prepare, prepare, prepare.  

What is it that can set your statement of purpose essay apart from the others?  

1. Some students make the mistake of writing their essays exactly like others. They try to write an average paper thinking that it is enough to get admitted.   

2. Avoid starting with a quotation unless it is really witty and humorous and you will make the effort to explain its significance into your life.   

3. Avoid flooding your statement of purpose essay with several quotations.  It has been done so often that using it as an introductory line can set your entire essay to become one that is not only generic but boring as well. You want the admission committee to read your work and not neglect it and label it as average.  

So think out of the box and ponder on a better way to start your essay. No, it doesn’t mean you should revert to beginning it with a rhetoric question. Likewise, it has been overused time and again. Instead, start with a statement that encapsulates your entire essay. Craft an introduction that is not only compelling to read but also engaging enough to keep the reader wanting more.  

Write about yourself and depict to the committee a better image of you. Share your values, morals and your personality. Think of the most interesting thing about yourself. Share your experience and insight so that you may be able to thresh out the unique individual inside of you. Be original and do not borrow another’s anecdotes. Personalize the essay and make it your own. Be yourself so that your writing will directly reflect you that way the committee will see you not as average but exceptional. 

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