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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Inspiration for Your College Application Essay

Running out of gas writing your personal statement essay?

Stuck in a rut with writer’s block?

Well gear up cause here are a few suggestions that could get you inspired and running back to that path to a winning essay!

1. You will always have something to say about that thing you are passionate about.Why not write about that hobby that you’ve just started at? Or maybe that sport you’ve been doing ever since you were a kid? It doesn’t have to anything out of the ordinary. It can be about the simplest things like your jogging every morning or the most heartfelt moment you’ve had like that time you did some volunteer work. Chances are, if you write about something you like, you will never lose things to say about it. The thoughts will just come running in and the reflection will be easy!

2.You know a whole lot about your idols. Evaluate your role model’s life.Of course there is a reason why you look up to that person. It could be his or her personal traits and values or status and career. What is that thing that has made you admire and respect him or her? It could be a friend, a family member, a teacher or even someone you have never really met. Tell their story and reflect on its correlation to yours.

3. If you don’t know what to say about yourself, you can sure count on your family and friends to give you an opinion. Run to people who can help you figure out the best things about yourself. Ask them how they perceive you, their first impressions and how they would describe you as a person. You could even run to your past professors to give you feedback on your performance as a student. Knowing what people think about you can help you find out that special thing about you that you could write about.

4. Reminisce on a challenging experience. Since its close to heart, it will get you writing a lot about how you might have felt and thought at that time and even after. It could be a challenge you faced because of your ethnicity, gender, status or age. Share the hardships you went through, how you overcame the challenge and the insight you gained from the experience.

These are only some of the way you could get inspiration for your personal statement essay writing. Try exploring topics till you find the right one!

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