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Monday, August 6, 2012

Top 5 Things to Avoid In Writing Personal Statement Essays

   While we have emphasized the importance of writing good substance in your college application essay, students should not take for granted the form of their college essay. By this we mean, the manner by which students convey and express their thoughts.  How the students write their essays is as important as the basic content of their essay.           

            Before you write your college application, there are several things you need to avoid: 

  1. Repetitious Usage
 Sometimes the students find certain words interesting to use in their essay for which they may be tempted to repeatedly use in their college application essay. Students should realize that though there are some words which are nice to hear they could sound irritating when repeatedly used.  Doing so reveals lack of imagination, poor writing and editing skills on the part of the students.  It is therefore suggested that the student should properly proofread the essay to make sure that repetitious words are avoided.

  1. Starting with “I”
 If there is one thing that is potentially annoying is when the essay starts with “I” almost every time.  Some college application coaches like Michael James Mason calls it the Subject-Verb-Object trap.  Starting every sentence with a subject and then followed by a verb and object makes your statement of purpose essay look monotonous.  It is suggested that students should mix it up a bit by interjecting a propositional phrase once in a while, or starting with a gerund, and even complex sentences.   

  1. Using Parentheses
Some students are fond of using parentheses in their college essays.  Use of parenthesis has no place in a college application essay which aims to show that you are ready for college.  This only makes your college essay look very informal.   

  1. Not knowing when to use Periods and Comma
 Not knowing when to use the right punctuation for your essay can be irritating.  If you think that the sentence is too long try to divide it with a period.  If you need a brief pause, then put a comma. 

  1. Exclamation Points
 Exclamation points (!) may appear cute when used in your college application essay.  But using too many exclamation points in your essay may potentially create a negative impression on the part of the admissions officer.  Your essay will look like its written by a person who is not ready for college. 

These are just basic tips in writing college essay.  Avoid these rookie mistakes and your college application essay can impress the admissions officer. For more information, visit the most affordable college application essay writers

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