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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Statement of Purpose Essay Writing Made Easy

Troubled in writing your statement of purpose essay? Well, worry no more! Here’s a list of content categories you must consider when writing the outline for your final essay. Keeping these pointers in tact will be beneficial not only to your essay but to your probably admittance as well. 

  1. Personal Matters and Special Skills.  The purpose of the essay is to be a medium in which the admission officers can learn more about you, the applicant. This means that you have to be able to tell them what you think they want to know about you. It’s advised to stick to hobbies, nonacademic interests and related scholarly activities. Let them know about your passion for dancing, art, or music. Aside from that, tell them about your special skills such as your ability to speak a foreign language, your proficiency in a certain tongue or your technical skills when it comes to the computer. 
  2.  Academic background and Achievements. Give an overview of your academic history so that the admission officers can get an idea of how you are as a student. Give them a play by play of how you are in a day-to-day basis and make it a point to flaunt your moments of success. Speak of the workshops, activities and conventions you might have attended or helped plan. 
  3. Experience. Applying to a specific department and course of your choice may raise eyebrows if you seem to have no experience in the field. Explain the experiences you have that can be related to your path so that you may justify your application. It can be indirect experiences that led you to realize that this course and department is really made for you. 
  4. Motivation and what you see in the institution. Answer the question “out of all the other schools, why do you want to study here?” Go through a discourse explaining why the school you are applying to is the best school for you. 
  5. Career plans. The admission officers are very much interested in your professional ambitions.  By sharing your short and long-term career goals you get to prove to the board that you are one individual they can invest in. Discuss what you see yourself doing in ten years time and display that solid career path you have chosen. 
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